Our services include consulting, editing, publishing, public speaking, reporting, mediation, community action, and education.



Evergreen offers consulting services to create books, educational materials, and various article and periodical publications. We have our own publishing and printing process and are available for a variety of projects. Evergreen also offers consultations to explore key issues through public speaking engagements, grassroots tools and solutions to issues regarding forest-to-community-health, public land and policy issues, stewardship, and video reports and features related to current forestry topics.


Evergreen founder, Jim Petersen has a reputation for dynamic, thoughtful public presentations. As a writer and journalist he takes the time to create a new speech for every client group.. Jim brings a lifetime of stories and wisdom to his work and personalizes his speeches to reflect the theme of the gathering and the personality of his audience.

Managing Director, Julia Petersen brings a lifetime of work in advocacy and human services to her public speaking. Her focus is on energizing ourselves through the work we do, and laying the groundwork for change – now and for future generations.


We can tell your story with a publication, a series, a social media campaign, or a book.


Evergreen has a long history of problem solving environmental issues at the local, state, and national level through the application of creative mediation techniques that are personalized – specifically chosen to match to the issues and the parties involved.


With over 70 years of collective experience, Evergreen is well positioned to assist with community education and grassroots activities as it relates to forest education, wildfire, forest management across landscapes, and the issues that face many communities within the Wildland Urban Interface.

Contact us at or to discuss how Evergreen can help you.

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