Grace And Dirt

A collection of thoughts, stories, observations…examining our place in the forest, our work in the woods and in the community, our hope for future generations, and how we navigate our differences to provide effective stewardship, with a bit of grace – from the ground up.

Grace And Dirt

Julia Petersen is the Resource Director for The Evergreen Foundation and Evergreen Magazine. The daughter of a forest economist, she had a front row seat as the world of forestry explored and addressed forest management, tribal/government treaty agreements, high yield forestry, harvest/replant, salvage, wildfire, restoration, conservation, endangered species preservation, collaboration, and the expanding innovation and science – that today is the hallmark of good forest practices.

Julia is a skilled mediator, coordinator, and facilitator. She has spent thirty years working as an advocate, community organizer, group systems supervisor and facilitator. Her passion is to bring voice and focus to the issues that are important to citizens, communities, and families.

There is always a story behind what we do and what we believe. The answers we seek when faced with conflict or disagreement, are rarely as simple and absolute as we would like them to be. By understanding each other’s stories, we make room between science and opinion to navigate agreement. In the current world of forestry, especially as it applies to public lands, these tenants could not be more imperative.

Change is a constant and organic process. Much like a forest, change and transition require accountability, flexibility, an inclusive approach, and the understanding that there is always more to learn…and more to do.

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