Welcome to our new website!

What do you want from your forest?
Photo by Arnaud Mesureur / Unsplash

Greetings Friends of Evergreen!

Our new website is up and running and I think I have figured out how to use it - without breaking anything - always good.

We could not have done this without my brother-in-law, Nate Walters. Our web guru...and all around lovely human. He has been a huge help during my recovery and really all through our evolution over the last several years.

Our new format allows us to post more easily and provide more interactive content. We have more options for sharing content - through streaming, videos, and Q&A sessions, and beyond!

In other great news - this site is absolutely user friendly - and Jim will be posting directly - whenever he wants. No need for his "assistant" to do the posting. He has several articles cued up - and more in the development stage. You will be hearing even more from him - now that he has the controls. Hang on to your hats, folks...

As always - our newsletter is available to the public at no cost - subscribe to receive it. Just click the link - or the green button at the right - top or bottom of the page.

We continue to believe that as an educational nonprofit - the majority of Evergreen's content should be available to the public. In addition, we now offer unique services, products, and content that you can access with a paid membership.

Your paid membership supports the day-to-day work that keeps Evergreen current and engaged in a conversation that supports forest-to-community health - and fosters a mutually inclusive approach to stewardship.

This spring, we are offering our VIP Membership for $20/month.
A 50% savings.
After this offer expires - VIP Membership will be $40.

As a Friend of Evergreen - VIP Member - you receive our newsletter and access to all content on our website - including all Evergreen Magazine Publications that are stored in our Archives. You will also have access to exclusive online and in-person events and products.

I encourage you to take advantage of our offer for two reasons:
It's a great deal - and it gives you access to all 40 years of Evergreen's content.
2. You are supporting Evergreen.

For those who can support Evergreen at a higher level, there are other membership opportunities on the subscription page.

Much gratitude to those of you who responded and contributed during our end of year fundraiser. Those contributions are crucial for the survival of non-profits everywhere - and we are so appreciative you chose us. We will be adding you to the new membership lists as we move forward.

No matter the amount of your contribution - we are very excited to explore all the ways we can thank you.

Best wishes and a happy spring!


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