America's Massive Forest Management Crisis

America's Massive Forest Management Crisis

Evergreen’s relationship with the National Association of Forest Service Retirees dates from the years when the late John Marker, a NAFSR founder, was also a member of our non-profit’s Board of Directors.

We have admired and promoted the organization’s position papers on this website because they are well-researched, non-partisan and even-handed.

Their latest paper, America’s Massive Forest Management Crisis, follows seamlessly on the heels of their recent Increasing Workforce Capacity report, which documents staffing and funding shortages that make it impossible for the U.S. Forest Service tackle the underlying causes of the West’s wildfire pandemic at a pace and scale that matches the enormity of the problem.

Please read both reports: NAFSR: America's Massive Forest Management Crisis and Sustaining The Forest Service: Increasing Workforce Capacity. None of the Biden Administration’s climate change/carbon capture goals can be reached until our wildfire pandemic has been quieted and western wildfires no longer belch billions of tons of carcinogenic smoke in the atmosphere every year.

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