Bosworth-Williams Report and Letter

Bosworth-Williams Report and Letter

Editors Note:

Former Forest Chief, Dale Bosworth, and Jerry Williams, the Forest Service’s former National Director of Fire Management, have forgotten more about the West’s wildfire pandemic and its underlying causes than most of us will ever know. So when their letter to Robert Bonnie arrived in our email box, we read it – and its accompanying report – with considerable interest.

Bonnie is the Biden administration’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Senior Advisor on Climate in the Department of Agriculture. The Bosworth-Williams transmittal letter and report were written last December. Bonnie was then heading one of the incoming administration’s Ag Department transition teams. He was a good choice – having served as Undersecretary of Natural Resources and Environment during the Obama Administration’s second term.

Here’s hoping Bonnie takes the Bosworth-Williams report - and our numerous offerings, including First, Put Out the Fire! – to incoming Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack. It will take years to implement the Biden Administration’s climate agenda. By contrast, the suggestions offered by Bosworth and Williams could be implemented this year. We best get busy because time is not on our side and – as we’ve said many times – nature doesn’t give a damn about human need.

Please take the time to read the Bosworth-Williams letter here. The accompanying report can be read here.

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