Rearranging the Deck Chairs on Our Titanic

Rearranging the Deck Chairs on Our Titanic

Toward Shared Stewardship across Landscapes: An Outcome-based Investment Strategy is the new U.S. Forest Service/Department of Agriculture attempt to put the brakes on the wildfire crisis that has engulfed the West’s federal forest estate. Click on the underlined text above to read it in full.

It does a nice job of rearranging the deck chairs on our Titanic, but it isn’t a strategy and there is no mention of tactics.

Worse, there is no mention of the billions of federal dollars that will be required to reverse decades of political hokum rooted in the ill-conceived idea that the best way to “save” forests was to set them aside in no management reserves.

We have much more to say about all this nonsense in #resistwildfire, which is posted nearby. Click here to read it in full.

Also posted is Michael Rain’s fourth letter to President Trump, prompted by the widely-reported news that the President is taking his forestry cues from Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, with whom he recently met. You can read that in full here.

Zinke’s blunt criticism of serial litigators prompted outrage from the usual suspects, including Ariana Huffington, whose Huffington Post now calls the Interior Secretary “stinky Zinke.” Too bad there isn’t some way for us to pump a few millions of tons of putrid and carcinogenic wildfire smoke into her office.

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