Dunn 1 and 2

Dunn 1 and 2

DUNN 1 and DUNN 2 Two peer-reviewed reports to help quantify conditions for the safe and appropriate re-introduction of fire, including managed wildfire.

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Dunn 1 "Designing Operationally Relevant Daily Large Fire Containment Strategies Using Risk Assessment Results" Yu Wei 1,*, Matthew P. Thompson 2, Joe H. Scott 3, Christopher D. O’Connor 4 and Christopher J. Dunn 5

Dunn 2 "Wildfire risk science facilitates adaptation of fireprone social-ecological systems to the new fire reality" Christopher J Dunn 1, Christopher D O’Connor 2, Jesse Abrams 3, Matthew P Thompson 4, Dave E Calkin 2, James D Johnston 1, Rick Stratton 5 and Julie Gilbertson-Day 6

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