Julia Petersen Health Update

Julia Petersen Health Update

In December of last year our Managing Director, Julia Petersen (a.k.a. my wife), was diagnosed with cancer. The news, coming on the heels of a pandemic that has been both personally and financially challenging, was nothing short of a kick in the teeth.

Last Friday, after months of worry, of doctor's appointments, of opinions and second opinions, scans and consultations, I accompanied Julia to the medical center and watched the nurse wheel her away for the 10 hours of surgery that would determine the rest of her life. And mine.

I'm relieved to write that the surgery was, by all possible measures, a success. After four days in the hospital, Julia was released into my care and I was able to bring her home. She's in good spirits and, if she can survive my cooking and constant remonstrations to take it easy, her prognosis is excellent. Those of you who know Julia, understand the daunting task I face in trying to keep her from overdoing it during the approximately two month recovery process. So we're not out of the woods yet (pun very much intended).

For the many of you that have inquired as to how you can help, Julia's sister Angela has set up this GoFundMe campaign to offset the growing pile of medical bills not covered by our insurance.

We're grateful for the outpouring of love and support we've received from so many of our family and friends. We look forward to many more years with each other, and with this magazine.

Jim Petersen

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