Think Mutually Inclusive
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Think Mutually Inclusive

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Creating grizzly bear habitat using adaptive forest management tools
For the last two years the Evergreen Foundation has been involved in an effort to create more grizzly bear habitat in Northwest Montana’s Kootenai National Forest via a demonstration project on nearby Hecla Mining Company forestland in the Bull River Valley south of Troy. Next week - as part of

The mutually inclusive relationship of conservation and management.

This is the work Evergreen is committed to, because Conservation and Forest/Land Management are mutually inclusive relationships.

Our native, indigenous communities will tell you that this is the natural stasis of things. We are an integral part of nature, not separate. In fact, when you pull humans out of the equation, that's when things go awry. We lose connection to the land when we are driven out. Then those pedaling the false narrative of mutually exclusive agendas move in to speak for us.

Evergreen believes it is high time we untangle ourselves from any experts who insist they have all the answers. The degradation of our ecosystems, atmosphere, and our public lands are driven by letting others tell us what to think and believe.

Do your research. Agree with us, disagree with us - but use us as a jumping off point for a deep dive. Go beyond your emotional response. Challenge yourself to examine science you don't agree with - because good science isn't necessarily about agreement. Science is often about being uncomfortable, living without absolutes, tolerating the unknown, and knowing what you think know - can change in an instant.

Evergreen is committed to the questions and the conversation. We know that when we forge mutually inclusive relationships in any landscape - we thrive. We work from the understanding that no one gets everything they want. However, we can work together to meet some of the needs - of all.

Form a mutually inclusive relationship with Evergreen today.

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